Thursday, August 15, 2013


Five beautiful puppies!!!
These ones are Scottish terrier/west highland terrier puppies!
What a delightful combination.
There are from our scottie mom (Maggie) and our westie dad (Willow)
Two of them are ebony with some white on the chest and chin
(one is male, the other female)
and two that have kind of a tan mixture in their black coats.
(they are male)
So cute!
The 5th one is.....
all white ... he's just like Daddy.
Adorable...each and every one!
Smooches from our pooches!
Deborah xo


  1. YUMMMMMMM! Oh how I adore these beasts! God is so great to make such FUN ANIMALS for us to enjoy and give HIM all the glory for his genius...Ahh....

  2. Really adorable, beautiful puppies! :)*
    Kind regards.