Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer news

Summer is here!
And 5 little terriers are enjoying its pleasures.
This one wanted to get a whiff of my morning coffee!
But the "Mrs." must have her coffee.
All of our little darlings are doing well!
They are a happy bunch,
and full of personality
(especially this one)
Gosh Milo makes me laugh!
Oh yes...rolling in the grass is too much fun!
Still rolling....
these are 2 of our 3 stooges.
When you get the certain 3 together,
we call them the 3 stooges.
Silly little guys!
But keep an eye on the white one...
yes, that's Willow...our westie.
He has some news to share.
He says..."It's my turn guys"
"I will be a father to Maggie's pups"
"And her and I will have our puppies in the beginning of August"

And Maggie says;
"Yup, its a true story"
We can't wait!!!
Did you know that  Scottish terrier/west highland terrier mix
are called
"huggy-bears" in the UK?
They will be the cutest!
We'll keep you posted!
All our love,
Willow, Bella, Kenzie, Milo and Maggie

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my goodness!!! I would love a huggy-bear!!! I wish I lived closer. Maggie would love a new friend to roll in the grass with.