Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Momma & Son Outing

Spring is here
and it was time for  
visits  to our  vet

Psssst....Mom remember we're in this together.
Nobodys gonna get hurt ok?
Our peeps only have our best interests in mind.
I'm right beside you ma

Ok we're in!
Hmmmm I hope we're not getting false teeth mom.

I know theres others behind this door.

Well..Carries keeping herself busy
while she waits,
reading the walls in here...
why don't we do the same.
Let's see....
oh there's one to read!

Promise me Mom...that we'll never be like this...
I couldn't stand counting  fat grams!
woof, woof

 Now I like that photo better!
   Ok Mom, here  she  comes!
Don't worry now...everything will be alright .
It's just a little pic, that's all,
won't hurt much,
and our peeps say it's necessary.

Mom I'll go first...
Didn't hurt at all..
and Mom,
Karen  is so nice to us!
Just remember that, when you get up here mom.
And look Mom..
she even gave me a  bandana!
Aren't you proud of me Ma?!
Ok your turn!

Hey Mom, you're done!
Wasn't so bad eh?
Well you fussed a bit up there, but now it's over.
And look at your  bandana  Mom!

Here we are...
all checked over and needles done!
Thanks  Karen!

Let's go  home
and tell the others!
I'm so proud of myself Milo
that I was so brave!
(And thanks for the pep-talks Milo)
You're just like your Dad.

   Anytime Mom!
You've  always  been there for me xo

Thanks for letting us share our special visit with you friends!
I know...we should check in more often with you..
we're going to work on that!
Woof woof!

Meadowland Scotties




  1. We get liver treats if we're good. Actually, Bella and Roxy have to be carried in. Bella is like a bowl of jelly. I, Daisy, walk in and then try to snoop all over the place.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Yay....more pictures of our original doggy family :) Angus loves to go in the truck....but not me. I see that thing and I try my best to get away. It either means the vet or the groomers.

  3. Those two are THE CUTEST!!!!! I am grinning ear to ear and wish I could give them a big squeeze! xxoo Becky

  4. Hello Deborah,

    How adorable your little Scotties are, I love them.
    We used to have a Giant Schnauzer, Heidi and she used to enjoy going to the Vet as she always got treats.

    Happy weekend